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It's time for the rides, Let's Go!!!!!

Crazy Glenn's Charity Century Clearance Warehouse (CGCCCW)

Who wants to sponsor a century rider?

Who wants to sponsor 350 miles of riding?

For a good cause?

American Diabetes Association?

You might? Is it true?

I have gone crazy, all sanity must go at Crazy Glenn's Charity Century Sale.

Not one, not two, not three, but four days of suffering for your dollar.

And I will ride them all, if the price is right.

Every ride that meets minimum raise of $250 will be ridden.

Suffering for your dollars on the following dates:

North Shore Tour de Cure century grand fondo - May 20, 2018 100

Kennebunks Tour de Cure century grand fondo - June 10, 2018 100

New England Classic Tour de Cure 150 - July 14-15, 2018 150

Throw your money at Crazy Glenn here:

North Shore TdC:

Kennebunks TdC:

New England Classic 150:

A Grand total of 4 days and 350 miles for the low, low price of a penny a mile* You can afford a penny a mile; Crazy Glenn knows, he goes through your trash at night.

As a special bonus I will ride the Mount Washington century on July 28 if all rides are funded.**

If I make champion fundraiser on one ride this year, I will find another suffer-fest in August for Glenn.***

Champion on all three and I'll……do a little dance?

As usual, there will be Crazy Glenn videos of each for your enjoyment, maybe even a special one for all three.

If anyone wants to join any event and make Crazy Glenn a team let me know and we'll set it up (5K, 10K and 15, 30, 62mi bike rides available)

* Not accurate, or true, at all.

** He's going to ride it anyway, he's crazy, help me!

*** Please.

2017 TdC Century

Not a Bunny

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